Chapter 3. System Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order for CloverETL to run:



The suport for 32-bit Linux was removed in 4.5.0.



JDK is needed for compilation of Java transformations and for compilation of CTL2 to Java.

Installation Types

CloverETL Designer is distributed in three different forms:

  1. Full Installation

    Full installation is recommended as it includes all the necessary environments and applications. It does not need user to install any other program.

  2. Online Plugin

    CloverETL Designer will be installed online using the corresponding CloverETL update site. You need to have Eclipse installed.

  3. Offline Plugin

    Works similarly to online plugin, but the update site will just be downloaded. It can be used later to install CloverETL Designer into Eclipse.

Full Installation

Software requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X - none, the installer includes Eclipse Platform 4.4.2 for Java developers with RSE + GEF + Eclipse Web Tools Platform.

  • Linux - Java 7 or 8 Runtime Environment or newer (Java 7 or 8 Development Kit is recommended) + We recommend libwebkitgtk-1 library

Plugin Installation

Software requirements:

  • Minimum: Eclipse Platform 4.2.2 + GEF. Java 7 Runtime Enviroment.

  • Recommended: Eclipse Platform 4.4.2 with RSE + GEF + Eclipse Web Tools Platform. Java 7 or 8 Development Kit

  • Eclipse 4.4 is fully supported.