Part IV. Using Designer

Table of Contents

21. Designer User Interface
CloverETL Designer Panes
Graph Editor with Palette of Components
Navigator Pane
Outline Pane
Tabs Pane
Execution Tab
Keyboard Shortcuts
22. Projects
Types of CloverETL Projects
CloverETL (Local) Project
CloverETL Server Project
Creating CloverETL Projects
CloverETL Project
CloverETL Server Project
CloverETL Examples Project
Converting CloverETL Projects
Converting Local Project to Server Project
Converting Server Projects to Local Project
Structure of CloverETL Projects
Standard Structure of All CloverETL Projects
The .classpath File
Workspace.prm File
Opening the CloverETL Perspective
Versioning of Server Project Content
Initial Check-Out of Project from Repository
Adding Server Project to Version Control
Connecting Server Project to Existing Repository
Getting Changes from Repository
Committing into Repository
Working with CloverETL Server Projects
Working Offline
Handling Conflicts
Project Configuration
CloverETL Connection
Ignored Files
23. Graphs
Creating Empty Graphs
Creating a Simple Graph
24. Execution
Successful Graph Execution
Run Configuration
Main Tab
Parameters Tab
Refresh Tab
Connecting to a Running Job
Graph States
25. Common Dialogs
URL File Dialog
Local Files
Workspace View
Clover Server
Hadoop HDFS
Remote Files
Filtering Files and Tips
Edit Value Dialog
Open Type Dialog
26. Import
Import CloverETL Projects
Import from CloverETL Server Sandbox
Import Graphs
Import Metadata
Metadata from XSD
Metadata from DDL
27. Export
Convert Graph to Jobflow
Convert Jobflow to Graph
Convert Subgraph to Graph
Conversion of Subgraph to Graph in Steps
Export Graphs to HTML
Export to CloverETL Server Sandbox
Export Image
28. Graph Tracking
Enlarging the Font of Displayed Numbers
29. Search Functionality
30. Working with CloverETL Server
CloverETL Server Project Basic Principles
Opening CloverETL Server Projects
Connecting via HTTP
Connecting via HTTPS
Designer has its Own Certificate
Designer does not have its Own Certificate
Connecting via Proxy Server